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Core Promises

As followers of Jesus Christ we are:

Meeting young people where they are

Leaders enter the world of young people, crossing barriers to build bridges of authentic friendship. We come into their world with no expectation of who they should be, but with every hope for who they can become.

  • Young Life leaders are followers of Jesus Christ, called to serve young people
  • Young Life goes out to meet young people, we dont ask them to come to us
  • Young Life is at home in the world of adolescents
  • Young Life thinks teenagers are great and we want the best for each of them


In all that we do, Young Life International is like one big party with a purpose where all are welcome and treated like honoured guests. It may be club "the best night of a teenagers life", or camp "the best week of their life", or just the invitation to spend time with a leader who has become their friend.
  • Young Life is about relationships
  • Young Life is an experience of fun, adventure, grace and truth
  • In Young Life, we strive for excellence and exceed expectations
  • Young Life is for every child, regardless of ability, circumstance, race or culture

Witnessing changed lives

As young people meet Christ, Young Life believes that every adolescent deserves a chance to consider the Christian faith in terms they understand from people they trust. We encourage those who want to grow in their faith to explore it in study, deepen it in service, share it in leadership and celebrate it in a church of their choosing. We respectfully continue to share our lives and message with those who choose otherwise, because our friendship and love in Christ comes without conditions

  • Young Life is for lost young people
  • Young Life shares the Gospel in an attractive way
  • In Young Life, we see young peoples lives changed as they encounter Jesus Christ
  • Young Life challenges young people to take the next step in their faith

Standing on a firm foundation

Young Life is making a difference in the lives of young people around the world because we are supported by adults who care about adolescents in their community

  • Young Life has a long legacy of effective work with young people
  • Young Life has a wide reach, around the world and in every kind of community
  • Young Life has a reputation for excellence among adults who care about adolescents
  • Young Life is positioned for ongoing growth
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